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Summer 2016 Article Archive


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Those website articles and sections shown in blue are the most popular of all articles on this website and are repeated from previous years here simply for your easy access.

Also in the index to your far left the sections on Repairs and Britannia Metal have also attracted many visitors.

3) Pages of A4 equivalent added are around 1,807 (though many are photos)

Home Page

Introduction - Simple Index

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Plate Rims as a guide to when made

2 PDF adobeimgtiny


British Pewter Marks of the 20th Century

18 PDF adobeimgtiny

Liberty of London, Pewter and Marks

28 PDF adobeimgtiny

Confusing marks & Pieces - Liberty or Not Liberty

28 PDF adobeimgtiny

WMF German Art Nouveau Pewter the marks and part of the story

12PDF adobeimgtiny

Making Pewter Today at A E Williams of Digbeth Birmingham

16 PDF adobeimgtiny

Joseph Morgan (II) A Pewterer & a Light to Victorian England

40 PDF adobeimgtiny

James Dixon of Sheffield

14 PDF adobeimgtiny

More Marks & History of James Dixon Sheffield

21 PDF adobeimgtiny

William Eden, master pewterer by Capt. A Sutherland-Graeme

6 PDF adobeimgtiny

James Yates Pewter to 1983  (in the 20th Century)

26 PDF adobeimgtiny

Crowned Rose Marks by Jan Gadd

9 PDF adobeimgtiny


Notes On Irish Pewterers H H Cotterell 1916

20 PDF adobeimgtiny

Scottish Pewter Tankards by Lieut Col J S Bisset

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A Commemorative Plate dated 1658 but made over 100 years later and decorated later still.

5 PDF adobeimgtiny

A Rare English Provincial Chalice

3 PDF adobeimgtiny

Some Old Pewter (before 1910)  H J J L Masse

5 PDF adobeimgtiny

Five Pewter Mugs ..little value and around 1940 but perhaps interesting

4 PDF adobeimgtiny

Royal Portrait Spoons by R F Michaelis

3 PDF adobeimgtiny

Verifications Under the Bases by Geoff Lock (2004/2008)

8 PDF adobeimgtiny

Wriggled decoration on Pewter by R F Michaelis

4 PDF adobeimgtiny

Looking at Old Pewter – a short file of untitled photos to flick through

6 PDF adobeimgtiny


The Neish Collection of British Pewter at the Smith Museum Stirling

55 PDF adobeimgtiny

A Contact for Collectors of Old British Pewter in Australia and New Zealand – Geoff Lock

2 PDF adobeimgtiny

A Berkshire Pewter Collection by Cyril Minchin in Apollo of April 1946 and after

10 PDF adobeimgtiny

Collecting Snuff Boxes  by R F Michaelis

1 PDF adobeimgtiny

Old English pewter Collectors Notes Alfred B Yeates

9 PDF adobeimgtiny

Early Interest in Old Pewter Collecting
(More than you might think)

4 PDF adobeimgtiny


Liberty Tudric Pewter Range
(most of the range in small and poor photo copies)

26 PDF adobeimgtiny

Weygang Catalogue Extracts 1937 1900 and 1907

96 PDF adobeimgtiny

WMF Catalogue Undated but Early

42 PDF adobeimgtiny

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