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Summer 2015 Article Archive


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New Information Added Summer 2015

Pages of A4 added 1807(though many are photos)

Home Page

Introduction - Home page as a PDF

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Makers & Marks

A James Dixon Introduction Page

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Made in Sheffield James Dixon & Sons
Kindly made available by Pauline Bell
(and a short correction)

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A Rare and Special Collection
Kindly made available by Pauline Cooper Bell

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Dixons 1882 Sporting Tackle etc

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James Dixon & Sons 1926 Selling Catalogue

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W Milo Dixon’s Sales Catalogue excerpts used from 1939 to around 1969

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Various Old James Dixon Leaflets

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William Fawcett son in law of James Dixon & world traveller for the firm, excerpts from his scrapbook of travel memento's

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Connells of Cheapside
By kind permission of Peter of Perry Glossop & Co. Globe Steelworks Sheffield

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Handwritten draft copy of “Touchmarks Restruck after fire - by Richard Mundey”
by kind permission of Alex Neish

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Thomas Watson... an e-mail with additional details (re Gerardin & Watson)

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A E Williams Pewter Making - Boadicea Perfume Bottle (video)


A E Williams - Pewter casting tutorial (video)


Regional Pewter

Scottish Pewter-ware & Pewterers by L Ingleby Wood. Published about 1904

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Notice of 2014 Publication of Scottish Pewter 1600-1850 by Peter Spencer Davies (advertised & strongly recommended on this web-site in gratitude for previous articles & advice) Also repeated on home page.

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The Pewterers of Penrith by Michael Finlay

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William Atkinson Unidentified Cumbrian Pewterer by Michael Finlay

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Interesting Pieces

An unusual & rarely seen plate dated 1662 privately & previously in the collecting of Ronald Michaelis & later Richard Mundey - shown here by kind permission of Stirling Museum & Art Gallery & Alex Neish (referred to in more detail in the Richard Mundey Collection)

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Pewter Stills by Peter & Trish Hayward of the UK Pewter Society - a previously and  important unrecorded trade use of old pewter.

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Pewter Collecting

The Richard Mundey Collection in 1990 with kind permission of Alex Neish

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Old Pewter Latten & a few other Spoons at the Birmingham Museums

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Old Pewter at the Birmingham Museum - The unknown collection of Frank lloyd-Ward

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Random Photographs of Hammerhead, Ball & Wedge Measures... from the Pewter Society Library

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Jewish Passover Plates by Howard H Cotterell. As published in the Connoisseur April 1928

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The Old Pewter Dinners - late 19thC to 1920s - Information collated

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Old Pewter Dinners - Thanks To

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Old Pewter Dinners - the tablecloth and its art work

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Old Pewter Dinners, dates when recorded & those present

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The Punta Cana Pewter Wreck Pewter Origins, Styles, Makers & Commerce by Martin Roberts

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Wilkinson’s of Doncaster Sale on 24.11.2013 PuntaCana Wreck Pewter lots 400-483

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Punta Cana Pewter A few pieces for one collection and some Thomas Curtis information

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Sedentious Lidel by Alex Neish

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Extracts from the Farrow & Jackson sales catalogue of 1898

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Charles Rowed writting about Pewter Collecting in 1920

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