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Summer 2014 Article Archive


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New Information Added Summer 2014

Pages of A4 (a massive 2480 pages added)


Simple Index for Web Site Contents

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Home Page

Introduction - Home page as a PDF

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Makers & Marks

Cuming and Going

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Englefields and a few thoughts about their pewter images from c1903 - c1950

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Liberty ....Tudric Pewter c1905

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Repairs & Cleaning

Cleaning Old Scottish Pewter

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Regional Pewter

The Old Pewter Marks of Some Wigan Pewterers

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Two York Flagons and others similar

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Additional Guernsey and Jersey Measures Comment from Giles Bois

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Ingleby Wood - early articles about Scottish Pewter - from 1902 - 1906

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Interesting Pieces

H H Cotterell Scale Plates - an article from the connoisseur Magazine in 1931

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Exhibitions of Old Pewter in the UK from 1904 to 1939

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The Old Pewter Dinners - late 19thC to 1920s Information collated

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The Scottish Quaich - extracts from early articles

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No additions this time


Pewter Outside The UK

No additions this time


Plate Marks & Rims

Broad Rim Plates - a pair in a Yorkshire Church - Jon Burge and John Bank

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Pewter Collecting

Old Collections - photos of old collections from before 1939

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Antonio F de Navarro Collection at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge and documents concerning, including additional genealogy by Eleen O’Flaherty of Boston USA “The Causeries” scanned in fully.

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Fakes, Repros and

Gaskell & Chambers Pewter Catalogue No. 60 of 1921

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New Antique Pewter - Tomorrow

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Black Jacks and Leather Bottels Original book by Oliver Baker c1921
(“The Causeries” by Antonio de Navarro will be found in the Pewter Collections section)

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