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Set of double volute baluster measures c1760-80

These came from the collection of Jack Kolaian of New York, and each has his mark and numbered collection label under the base. They are in identical condition, although not a matching set. The numbered labels show they must have taken many years to acquire, as they range from 40 to 552, with the half-gill (#344) and the half-gallon (#552) being the hardest to find, as is still the case today. Only the half-pint has a maker’s mark – Randall Moring of London. Three have American verification marks, the half-gallon ‘CM’ probably standing for Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The quart has several variants of ‘CS’ and ‘CC’ (County of S etc?) on lid and upper handle, and the gill ‘B’ (Boston?), about which marks nothing more is known. The gallon has the earlier form of handle with a shield terminal turned back upon it as found on bud gallons. None are repaired, and all are in similar slightly used condition, with the half-gallon being the best.







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