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Collectors can specialise in perhaps an area or town of production, a maker by name, or a type of pewter product. It is possible to collect Pewter made from particular locations, apart from those above there are nice collections possible of pewter from Bristol, South West England such as Devon, Bewdley (Gloucester region), Birmingham, Norfolk and South East England, Penrith, Newcastle, Gateshead Tyne and Wear (see Abbot selection in this section of the Web site).

Pub Pewter is collected with names of Public Houses and other engraving for owners and users. Also beakers, and all manner of Mug or Tankard styles. Measures especially used to prove licensees mugs capacity are found some with brass or pewter heavy top rims.

Plates can be collected of all sizes say from 5" – 28" (though the extremes are scarcer and 8" – 18" regularly found) and types (see the rims shown under Pewter Styles and datings). Dishes and Bowls. Many with decoration of one sort or another such as Wrigglework, Engravings, Armorials, Ownership markings

Smallwares such as spices, salts, salt and pepper pots, funnels, medicinal pewter, candlesticks, snuff boxes, barbers bowls, tea caddies, card trays, porringers, spoons, inkwells, strawberry dishes, spoons can all be collected.

W. S. Gilbert expressed it perfectly (and this in 1889)- "The end is easily foretold, when every blessed thing you hold, is made of silver or of gold, you long for simple pewter"

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The Richard Mundey Collection in 1990 with kind permission of Alex Neish

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Old Pewter Latten & a few other Spoons at the Birmingham Museums

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Old Pewter at the Birmingham Museum - The unknown collection of Frank lloyd-Ward

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Random Photographs of Hammerhead, Ball & Wedge Measures... from the Pewter Society Library

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Jewish Passover Plates by Howard H Cotterell. As published in the Connoisseur April 1928

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Old Collections - photos of old collections from before 1939

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Antonio F de Navarro Collection at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge and documents concerning. Including Additional genealogy by Ellen O’Flaherty of Boston USA. “The Causeries” scanned in full.

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English Pewter Porringers

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Alfred B Yeates Collection in the 1930s

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Alfred B Yeates Collection Books - the missing pages

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Alfred B Yeates - article reprint - Old English Pewter, A Collectors Notes

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An unusual Pewter Collection of the 20th/21st Century

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Art Nouveau - a few scarce pieces seen in early 2013

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Notes on Double Volute Pewter measures by Geoff Lock of Adelaide South Australia

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Successful early collecting of Stuart Flat Lidded Tankards

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Remains of an Old pewter Collection formed 1914-1951

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Alfred E Kimbell - the unknown old pewter authority and dealer c1900 - 1938

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An International Collection of a Careful Collector

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A Northumberland Collection in the early 1900s

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A Collection Of Interesting Pewter Snuff Boxes

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English Lidded Tankards & Flagons

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Who? Where? When

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An Introduction To Candlesticks

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Additions To A Collection

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Women and Pewter

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Collecting...Art Nouveau + Small Trays & Other Trays

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Child's Rare Porringer - Interesting Piece

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Art Nouveau - Higher value pieces

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Art Nouveau Pewter - More Pieces to collect.

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Collecting...Medicinal Pewter

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Collecting Spice Pots, Castors, Peppers and Sifters

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Collecting ...Tea Pots & Coffee Pots

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Collecting 'Alderson' Pewter

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Collecting Pewter - reply to a website reader

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Syringes and a Syringe Cylinder Making Frame

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Collecting - Individual Alderson Pewter Pieces..Geoff Lock

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Pewter Toxicity - A Few Thoughts

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A Few Thoughts On Repairs

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Beggars Badges by Alex Neish

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Communion Tokens

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Bellied Measures - Geoff Lock

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Pilgrims Badges

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Pewter Medals

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Side Spouted Mugs Measures

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Snuff Boxes & Tobacco Jars

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Condiment Containers

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Glass bottomed Mugs and Trophy Tankards

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Finding Irish Pewter

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A Porter Mug - by John Abbot of Gateshead

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An Interesting Spire Flagon Offered for Sale

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The Neish Collection of British Pewter at the Smith Museum Stirling

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A Contact for Collectors of Old British Pewter in Australia and New Zealand - Geoff Lock

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A Berkshire Pewter Collection by Cyril Minchin in Apollo of April 1946 and after

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Collecting Snuff Boxes by R F Michaelis

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Old English pewter Collectors Notes Alfred B Yeates

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Early Interest in Old Pewter Collecting (More than you might think)

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A re-assessment of ‘spray’ baluster measures by John Douglas

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Crowned WR marks seen on English tavernware - Geoff Lock 2016

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A Crane & Stinton pint mug 1807-1815

9 PDF adobeimgtiny

Here follow a few examples


Guernsey Pewter Measures

Jersey Pewter Measures

Decorative Wavy Edged and a Multi Reeded Plate

European Wine measures and Jugs

Small wares – here Peppers, Sugars, Spice Pots but it might be funnels, candlesticks, medicinal items, spoons, salts, ice cream moulds, snuff boxes…..

Britannia Metal from Sheffield


Bulbous Measures and Mugs 1820 – 1890 from Birmingham and Tyneside

Scottish Flat Lidded Measures perhaps 1820 - 1830

Scottish Dome Lidded Measures later Victorian

Glasgow Dome Lidded Measures with Imperial Measure Medallions to the lid tops

Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lidded Measures

Scottish Spouted Jug Measures Victorian

Scottish Mugs Victorian

Yorkshire Mugs and earlier Flat Lidded Tankard - all pre Imperial Measure.

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