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Autumn 2009 Article Archive


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New Information Added Autumn 2009

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A Simple guide to finding information from the Index

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Plate Marks & Rims

Marks - Crowned Rose - Jan Gadd

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Makers & Marks

Abbot - A 20th Century Repro with comment from Jon Burge

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Lincoln’s Chalices - Peter Edwards

Townley Hall Museum at Burnley

Research and The Court Of Orphans

Making Pewter Today at A E Williams
Moulds from the Duncombes and Yates
A Mary Rose Flagon
Various details of A E Williams prodution and skills today
With video footage link here

English Pewter Porringers

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Regional Pewter

New Zealand - The Fenton Collection - Peter and Trish Hayward

Irish Pewter - David Hall

South Australia - Finds in South Australia - Geoff Lock

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Interesting Pieces

Another 23 Pieces to think about

York or Wigan Flat Lidded Tall Tankard?n

Broad Rimmed Saucer - Spice Plate c1500 or c1630? - with various comments

The Priceless Pig - by Alex Neish

The Stirling Corn Measures - by Alex Neish

A Jewish Pulim Plate - Happy Pewter! With comment by Michael Kashden

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Art Nouveau and Small Trays

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Fakes & Worries

Naval Bowls And Jugs by Peter and Trish Hayward

A Wigan Loving Cup

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