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Antimony - stibnite sulphide

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Footed plates by James Ferguson (showing their purpose)

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Dating Coats-of-Arms engraving

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Early pewter baluster lid markings - Apollo May 1933 by H H Cotterell

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Dutch painted and lacquered pewter. The Antique Collector - October 1932

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Printing from pewter engraving plates
(an interesting if brief note from Ambrose Heal to H H Cotterell)

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Howard H Cotterell - Dated history, a record of articles he wrote & sundry other details as taken from papers he left with his wife, and which were passed down.

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Old Pewter Dinners - Thanks To

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Old Pewter Dinners - the tablecloth and its art work

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Old Pewter Dinners, dates when recorded & those present

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The Old Pewter Dinners - late 19thC to 1920s - Information collated

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The Punta Cana Pewter Wreck Pewter Origins, Styles, Makers & Commerce by Martin Roberts

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Wilkinson’s of Doncaster Sale on 24.11.2013 PuntaCana Wreck Pewter lots 400-483

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Punta Cana Pewter A few pieces for one collection and some Thomas Curtis information

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Sedentious Libel by Alex Neish

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Extracts from the Farrow & Jackson sales catalogue of 1898

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Charles Rowed writting about Pewter Collecting in 1920

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James Yates Pewter to 1983 (in the 20th Century)

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Evidence of a Gaskell Pewter Museum in 1941

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Molds (Moulds) at A E Williams of Birmingham in October 2009

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Interest in this Web Site by what is searched for and read

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Repro Pewter Catalogues of the later 20th Century

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Outside Decorating with Pewter

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English Pewter Porringers

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Marks Found under the bases of Mugs

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Belgian pewterers workshop of unknown date (c1900-1920) and location

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Birmingham pewterers price list January 1804 - William Villers: August 1825 - Villers & Wilkes August 1780 Birch & Villers

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Dating the pewters tankard: H H Cotterell 1932

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Fine Work of York craftsmen: H H Cotterell 1933

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Heraldry unpublished hand written H H Cotterell c1930

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Letters appearing on Byzantine coins c1927

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Paul Revere’s lantern 1930

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Pewter tankards & flagons: Cyril C Minchin

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Pewterers trade tokens: H H Cotterell 1929

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Sacramental tokens (USA) Harriette Kershaw Leiding 1925

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When Treen was “the” ware: Edith Miniter 1930

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Treen and pewter plates from mediaeval times

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Tavern pewter: H H Cotterell 1930

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Mug or jug - Small mug part three

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Base metal tobacco jars: Charles R Beard

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Just Anderson (scanned so it is possible to print a copy)

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