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How to contact the society

Please use the following email for enquiries regarding identification of pewter items or general information about old pewter.

Please use the following email for membership and other enquiries.

If you are interested in purchasing a publication from the society please contact the Publications Officer via email.


There are three membership categories:

(1) Associate Membership (30.00) for those who want to receive our publications but do not expect to participate actively in the Society or attend meetings regularly (eg because they live outside the UK). A single subscription can cover either one or two people at the same address. Associate Members and their partners can attend meetings occasionally on payment of a small surcharge, but do not have the right to vote.

(2) Full Membership (35.00), for those who expect to participate actively in the Society - eg by attending meetings regularly. The subscription only covers one person.

(3) Joint Membership (40.00) - as for Full Membership, but covering two people at the same address.

How to apply

If you are interested in pewter and would like to join the society, please email the Secretary. If you have a collection (however modest) or particular interest, do tell him about it because it is always helpful to know. Please also tell him which membership category you wish to join. (Note: all membership applications are subject to approval by the Committee)

Contact The Secretary at: secretary@pewtersociety.org

THE PEWTER SOCIETY DATA BASE – as of early 2008 it gives some detail on 14000 pewterers.

It is an invaluable and absolutely exceptional resource for attempting to trace information as to Who made Pewter and When and Where they Worked.


The Pewter Society Database has been developed as a valuable resource for members. It brings together into one easily-searchable place as much as possible of the information that is known about British and Irish pewterers. It includes their marks, hallmarks, dates, locations, wares, family trees, published sources and other information. You can not only extract information about a pewterer but perform comprehensive searches for names, marks, locations and wares.

Because the Database is a web-based platform, it is a living resource which is being continually updated, revised and added to as further information comes to light. It can be accessed by members anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

The Database is centred around the pewterer, each of whom has been given a unique ‘PS’ number, and every piece of data is associated with a pewterer.

Completeness & Accuracy

You should be aware that certain information is not yet complete:


  • Data entry is incomplete for about 650 pewterers. For these pewterers, name, the list of sources, a location, their marks and their hallmarks have been entered but little or no other information. These pewterers all have PS numbers higher than 11600 and they can be identified by the absence of initials against "data entered".
  • Information on working dates is currently incomplete, so do not rely on it for search purposes.
  • Information on wares in the sources consulted has not yet been added systematically.
  • The Database does not yet include information from every published source, the most significant omission being Pewter Society Journals prior to 1998.

Society members are working hard to fill these gaps, but it will take some time.

Sources Used

The database has been compiled by going through all the information in the publications listed below. They include most of the major sources of information about British pewterers.

Association of British Pewter Craftsmen: List of members in 2001
Bonhams Catalogue: The Stanley Shemmell Pewter Collection Chester 26 Oct 2006
Battersby, David: The Records of the York Company of Pewterers
Cotterell, Howard: Old Pewter, its Makers & Marks - other than introductory pages 1-146
Davis, John: Pewter at Colonial Williamsburg
Fennimore, Donald: The Charles V Swain Collection - both volumes
Hall, David: Irish Pewter
Homer, Ronald & Hall, David: Provincial Pewterers
Homer, Ronald: Five Centuries of Base Metal Spoons
Markham, C A: The New Pewter Marks and Old Pewter Ware (1928) - other than the marks section, which adds nothing to later publications
Massť, H J L J: Chats on Old Pewter (1977) - list III on pg 181-205 only
National Archives: List of Pewterers' Wills
Peal, Christopher: More Pewter marks and its Addenda
Pewter Society: Journal - everything from 1998 to Spring 2006; J marks only prior to 1998
Pewter Society: The Richard Neate Touch Plate
Ricketts, Carl: Pewterers of London 1600-1900
Scott, Jack: Pewter Wares from Sheffield
Shelley, Roland: Wigan and Liverpool Pewterers (1945)


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